Name: Rank: VIP [IV]
Price: 65.00

Rank: VIP 4


  • /invsee (Check other players inventories)
  • /nick (Change your nickname & add color)
  • /ptime (Change your players, time of day)
  • /pv 1 - 4 (Access to 4 player vaults)
  • /near (Check if players are near you)
  • /craft (Access to virtual crafting table)
  • /blocks or /condense (Condense ingots, diamonds or emeralds to full blocks)
  • /hat (Access to wear any block as a hat)
  • /sell hand (Access to sell items that are in your hand)
  • /sell all (Access to sell all items that are in /shop without selling everything manually)
  • /fly (Access to fly in the Skyblock world)
    Note: If you are caught flying around in the Confined Area's your fly permission might be confiscated!
  • /repair or /fix (Access to repair your damaged items without any cost)


  • Access to have 6 total island members on one island (Instead of 4, which is the default amount)
  • /kit IV (Access to Rank: VIP 4's kit)


  • 120% (1.2x) Sell boost for (Ores & Mobdrops) shops (Applies to /sell all & /sell hand commands)